UEVO: Childhood Experiences of Violence and Abuse – a National Survey of Norwegian Adolescents 12 to 16 Years of Age

During the winter 2018/2019 we asked 10 000 Norwegian adolescents between the ages of 12 and 16 about their upbringing, everyday life, mental health and their experiences with violence and abuse. The results were published in a report [Norwegian] in October 2019, and have generated considerable media coverage and academic interest.  

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A total of 90 schools in 60 counties were invited to participate.  

The goal of this study was to contribute to the prevention work and research on violence towards youths and children. The study also presents findings related to violence and abuse in childhood and the mental and somatic health effects in daily functionality later in life. The participants that report experiences of violence and abuse are also asked about their experiences of accessibility and support from health services. 

The study was made possible because of a change in the Norwegian law of health research (Helseforskningsloven § 17) that allows children from the age of 12 to participate in health research without parental or guardian consent. This can help to guarantee a child’s right to be heard, as stated in the Convention of the Rights of the Child article 12.    

The study is conducted by NKVTS, the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress, who are leading experts in research of violence and abuse. The study is initiated and financed by what was formerly named the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality. The ethical approval for this study is made by REK (Regional committees for medical and health research ethics) and satisfies the ethical requirements for responsible research on children.